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I have the solution for your copy.

A "copy" is text-based content that businesses use on their online programs, courses, websites, sheets, newsletters, emails, billboards, brochures, advertisements, sales pages, catalogues, e-books, and others.

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Have you started, or are you thinking about starting a service-based business? 


Are you a coach or multi-passionate entrepreneur who has developed an online program, or any type of written or graphic material for your clients? 

Do you keep writing and revising your modules and digital materials?


Have you been stalling or unsure about releasing your program and materials, because you're insecure about your grammar or the structure of your thoughts and ideas? 

Most service-based professionals usually offer one-on-one sessions, but also provide tools and resources to their clients for the times in between sessions. Digital and information products and materials add to your arsenal, reach more people, and automate interactions, but clients MUST receive correct products from you.

The biggest challenge in service-based industries has been to deal with the untrained and incompetent professionals that are damaging the reputation of their industries. Some entrepreneurs have great marketing strategies, but don't deliver the proper services or materials to their clients, so would you like to be part of your industry's problem or solution? 


You already work hard to establish your brand as reputable and to engage and build your audience through meaningful stories and connections, so when it comes to delivering high-value work, you can't afford mistakes that could ruin your reputation. Losing your reputation could cost you clients, respect, and the big one: MONEY.

You aim to help your clients improve their lives, so you definitely don't want to raise some eyebrows and embarrass yourself with poorly worded or formatted material after you charged someone for your services. Someone investing in an online program expects to receive their money's worth and, in turn, that you have invested in your work to provide the best experience for them.


Fear of losing respect or that your ideas might not be making sense is the reason you haven't shared your thoughts with the world. It's why you feel like an imposter any time you even consider hitting that "Publish Now" button.

Remember that your message is the most essential aspect of your business and spreading it should be your main focus. It's not about you anymore, but about who's lives you're going to change. 

And hey, you can choose not to publish, spread your knowledge, and just live on the bench.

BUT, if you're starting to like the idea of people telling you how much your program or product improved their lives, you just might want to invest in a copywriter.


A skilled copywriter will go over your copy and take on a more substantive approach with your creative and life-changing work before you release it.

You don't want to lose sleep wondering if you've done a badass job. You want to know you did! 

And with the help of an experienced writer and editor, you'll feel confident to publish your program and charge the fees that will help you keep your business and reputation intact. 

You have invested tons of time and money gaining the necessary skills and certifications for your business, but there's a big difference between knowledge and application. You want to be remembered as the most inspiring teacher or professor you've ever had, right? And your program will change lives!!! But if you've made it difficult to read or if your materials are poorly formatted, you'll lose brownie points with your clients and, consequently, their referral. 

Sending your work for review to your sister with a small baby, your overwhelmed mom, or your overworked partner may save you money now, but at what cost?

Do they have the real skills to edit your work, not just for mechanical errors, but for substantive errors as well? 

Substantive editing involves helping the writer expand their ideas and ensuring that their work is free from contradictions, incorrect facts, and other damaging mistakes. A great editor grasps the overarching purpose of an author's work, which the author might not be able to verbalize. As Alan D. Williams observed in the essay What Is an Editor? there are "two basic questions the editor should be addressing to the author: Are you saying what you want to say? And, are you saying it as clearly and concisely as possible?". When you're overly committed to your words or ideas, you might have a hard time "killing your darlings," so you need someone unbiased to point out where you might be running into contradictions or insensitivities that you might be unaware of.

























So, would you benefit from an extra boost of confidence before releasing your program? Do you want to become more convincing in those moments you promote your work to your audience?

Your copy is already amazing as is, but let me help you make your copy shine!

Enjoy the incredible introductory price of

CAD$5 per page while it lasts!

Contact me for a free quote and jumpstart your copy to submit powerful materials to your clients today!

If you're worried about someone stealing your ideas (Copyright Infringement+Right to Intellectual Property), please note that we'll have a contract clearly stating that the copy belongs to the CLIENT (you), and the CONSULTANT (me) is not allowed to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, trade, resell, exploit, or otherwise disseminate any portion of the copy or materials, electronically or otherwise, for business or commercial use, or in any other way that earns the CONSULTANT money, without prior written permission by the CLIENT. It’s vital to me that my clients feel safe buying from me, so you don't need to worry about copyright infringement at all.


I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Barbara on a number of publishing projects. Over the last two years I’ve overseen her work as a substantive editor working with student writers, and I’ve also had the pleasure of editing her nonfiction piece, “Finding Home,” which was published in 2019. In every case I’ve found Barbara to be a thorough, thoughtful, and highly organized colleague, and I would recommend her services to anyone.

In their words:

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-20 at 3.55_edited

Barbara has helped me with editing and copywriting throughout numerous phases of my career. When I was still in University and directing a newspaper, she helped me make sure our communication was clear and that we were hitting our targets. She was also essential during the translation of my undergraduate thesis. In more recent years, Barbara provided her copywriting services to help me with different written communication materials for my coaching business and other professional documentation I needed. Barbara always took the time to understand what I was looking for, provided the highest quality of work and delivered within the promised time. I highly recommended her work to everyone who is looking for high-quality editing and copywriting services.


Charisse Steward

Freelance Editor &

Creative Writer

Barbara and I worked together as substantive editors on a project during our undergrad. The project consisted of working with six authors and their stories, which were going to be published in an anthology. I was immediately impressed by how knowledgeable Barbara was and her firm grasp of proper grammar, syntax, and edits that will most benefit the piece. She was amazing with the authors—supportive and encouraging—while also providing them with a level of professionalism that ensured their stories were 100% ready for publishing. I would absolutely recommend Barbara to oversee any creative projects as she is a joy to work with and truly knows her stuff. 


You have some choices now:


1) Do nothing and live on the bench;

2) Procrastinate and delay your dreams;

3) Release your signature program without a review process;

4) Send your signature program to unskilled friends for review;

5) Allow me to review your signature program and improve your copy while saving you time and stress.


It’s time to get started!


  • You’re an individual or team interested in improving the copy for your digital and information products and materials;

  • You want to save your reputation and be confident when releasing your signature online program;

  • You want to learn how to improve your writing with someone who will not only edit your copy, but also explain why this or that change is better.


  • You don’t care about the quality of the materials you provide to your clients, but just about how much money they’re bringing you;

  • You don’t care about saving your reputation or being confident with the materials you provide;

  • You’re content with always getting “you’re” and “your” wrong on your platforms.

Are you ready to let your copy shine?

Contact me for a free quote and jumpstart your copy to submit powerful materials to your clients today!

In their words:


Angela Shaske

Editor, Writer & Scribe

Barbara was a great editor and a pleasure to work with as we polished my stories for the Bolo Tie Anthologies. Her insights were integral in the completion of one particular story I had worked on for a few years. Something just hadn’t felt right. Barbara’s encouragement and intuitions simplified my thought-process, and together we produced a product worthy of publication. The tale would still be gathering dust if not for Barbara.

Holding Hands

Bruno Amarantes

Psychology Student

Barbara helped me with copywriting in two English courses I took during my first semesters at university. My first grade was a C+ and later on a B+. She always pointed out and took the time to explain the mistakes I was making, such as using “that” for people and not “who” and others. Eventually, I was writing and correcting myself with her teachings in mind, and as a result, I got my first A+. Thank you, Barbara.

Check my ServicesResume and Rising Star Program pages for more of my professional references.