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Provided ongoing Project Manager services for the following entrepreneurs:


Arthur Tedesco:
Gabriela Stapff:

Thais Heringer:

Marselha Palermo:

Cristovão Brilho:

Grazi Brilho:

Provided seasonal Project Manager services for the

following entrepreneurs:


​Carolina Landgraf:
Luana Zapelini:

Hanaa Ibrahim:

Maria Amelia:
Jessica Carless:

My work included but was not limited to the following:

  • Project Coordination: Led cross-functional teams to ensure timely project delivery and adherence to budget constraints.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Facilitated clear and effective communication with stakeholders to align project objectives and expectations.

  • Risk Management: Identified potential project risks and developed mitigation strategies to ensure project success.

  • Performance Tracking: Monitored project progress using key performance indicators (KPIs) and adjusted plans as necessary to achieve goals.

  • Document Management: Organized, created, and maintained folders, spreadsheets, and files to ensure efficient data handling and retrieval.

  • Strategic Planning: Developed and implemented business, action, and communication plans and strategies to drive organizational growth.

  • Business Consulting and Mentorship: Provided consulting, mentoring, guidance, and best practices, including policy development, to enhance business operations.

  • Content Management: Created, planned, scheduled, and managed content, including developing comprehensive social media strategies and content calendars.

  • Customer Service Support: Managed and supported online customer service operations to ensure client satisfaction and timely issue resolution.

  • E-Learning Development: Assisted in creating and developing online courses across various platforms to expand educational offerings.

  • Social Media Management: Oversaw social media activities, including strategy development, content creation, and audience engagement.

  • Data Management: Handled data entry and recording, including transcribing audio and video files and documenting live meeting minutes.

  • Process Creation and Improvement: Conducted research to enhance internal and external company processes, promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Editorial Services: Provided proofreading, editing, copywriting, and writing services to ensure high-quality content.

  • Additional Services: Delivered various ongoing services tailored to client needs, ensuring comprehensive support and flexibility.

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